27 Desember 2010

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\Natalie Portman’s Pregnancy Means No THE DARK KNIGHT RISES For Her!

Apologies for the lack of updates recently but with all the Christmas family activities to attend, the copious amount of food and drink this season annually brings that leaves my head in no place to type morning, noon or night and the fact Hollywood is in hibernation for a week, I’m sure you can all forgive me. And at the end of the day this weekend is more or less the only full days off I get from Obsessed With Film all year.
Though I promise normal OWF duties will return tomorrow but as I like to keep you guys abreast of developments on The Dark Knight Rises, I just wanted to point out a news tidbit that hit today which rules out a probable 2011 Oscar winner from starring in the Summer 2011 shot film. As you’ve probably heard, 29 year old Natalie Portman has announced her pregnancy to her Black Swan cinematographer today which categorically means she won’t be in The Dark Knight Rises, a movie she is said by Deadline to have met with Christopher Nolan about alongside a bunch of other names (including Rachel Weisz, Keira Knightley and Anne Hathaway) some weeks back.
So you can scratch Portman firmly off your Batman 3 pool. She won’t be Catwoman, Talia Al Ghul, Sarah Essen, Vicki Vale or whichever two female characters Nolan has in his final Bat-film (one said to be a love interest, the other a villain).
Expect to hear lots of info about this film in January which is less than a week away now, so only a little while longer to hold out until The Dark Knight Rises jigsaw puzzle becomes a lot clearer.
Oh and whilst I’m here, there was a separate piece of Portman news that hit the web today that wasn’t about her pregnancy/engagement. There’s a new watercolour inspired pink poster for her film The Other Woman that’s been released today by IFC and is below…