27 Desember 2010

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Aretha Franklin Died

The Queen of Soul who you most likely know is suffering from pancreatic cancer has less than one year to live. This is according to reports that are out today. This is horrible news to thousands around the world. There are even reports going around that Aretha Franklin died.
If Aretha Franklin died there would be much more buzz on the internet. The fact that she is going to die in less than a year is bad enough however. We will all continue to keep her in our thoughts in this hard time. I for one however am glad that the news Aretha Franklin died is not true.
This singer is loved by thousands all over the world and at her 68 years of age she has surely done a lot! She is suffering from an incurable advanced pancreatic cancer. Her family refuses to give details about her prognosis. I for one will be very sad to read in less than one year that Aretha Franklin died.