27 Desember 2010

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Having Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I actually ate breakfast at Tiffany’s. Not just any Tiffany’s but the one on 5th Avenue where Audrey dunked her croissant in a cup of coffee. When I got the invite, I pondered a group of bloggers actually doing that… and hey, maybe let’s do that one morning, a bunch of us dressed as Holy Golightly (it’s not so hard, I did it one year, remember?). Well, let’s do it when it’s not so cold out.
Regrettably I was late for breakfast, I heard there was candied bacon… and other pre-breakfast nosh, but when I arrived, it was amazingly serene and beautiful, with a long table in a grand mid-century room. Architecturally speaking, they just don’t make rooms like this anymore.  There was a small group of amazing bloggers like Keiko Lynn, The Glamourai (who graciously let me use the above photo) and Clutch22. You’d think we’d be talking about Truman Capote, or Tiffany’s at least, but the breakfast conversation was strikingly down to earth, like how good Arrested Development is, and watching the entire series of Lost in three weeks. I loved it.