27 Desember 2010

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My Life as Liz Season 2

he beginning of “My Life as Liz” Season 2 was marked last night when “My Life as Liz” Episode 9 was aired on MTV. The final episode was telecasted as “The End of the Beginning” which was about Liz’s plan to move to New York. This most watched television program made its debut on 18th January 2010 at MTV. Some sources reported that MTV is not ready to launch Season 2 of “My Life as Liz,” while some reported that MTV will start the Season 2 of this program.
It is mentioned by the source that MTV executive said, “We do not watch this program just as a reality show, which does not define it.” MTV official added that they were not intended to call this show a sitcom, because it is not a situation comedy show. “My Life as Liz” is basically about the life of a high school girl whose name is Liz Lee, Liz lives in Texan town. Liz is a bold, bitchy and humorous girl, she is a teenager.