13 Desember 2010

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Buckley T Ratchford

Buckley T Ratchford

Goldman Sachs is probably the greatest investment bank in the world - and maybe the universe. It employs over 1700 managing directors, but how many of them are bona fide financial shamans or money mystics? I have compiled a list of 300 Goldman managing directors. Quite a few of these people I know very well, and I know they are shamans or mystics. Some of it is pure guesswork. For example, I have never heard of Sharmin Mossavar-Rahmani, but if he's not a financial shaman, then who is? I mean, with a name like that, come on!

I showed this list to Arthur Simmons. Unfortunately, he would not tell me if he had trained any of these people. He has been so secretive lately. What's his problem?

Well, anyway, here's the list. Apologies to any shamans or mystics I've left off the list, and apologies to anyone on the list who is not a shaman or mystic. But I bet you wish you were one, eh?