22 Desember 2010

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Sway Explains His Emotions Interviewing Solar After Guru's Death

A self-proclaimed "cousin" to Guru and DJ Premier, the Wake Up Show co-founder touches on his emotions in the jarring interview from this April.

One of the year's biggest Rap journalism moments came via MTV's Sway Calloway speaking to Brooklyn, New York producer Solar. Besides an appearance on HOT 97's morning show with Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds, Solar did very little press after the death of his musical partner in April of this. Speaking with Sway on camera, the producer explained the controversial final days of Guru's life.

In a new interview with BrooklynBodega.com, Sway, who is perhaps best known for his work with The Wake Up Show, explained his own mindset going in. Admitting that he considered both Guru and Gang Starr partner DJ Premier "cousins," Sway said, "There was too much suspicion around his death for me not to want to sit down with Solar. When he agreed to do it, you’ve gotta show objectivity, keep your journalistic integrity, not let your emotions get involved."

Many viewers noted Sway's strong line of questioning, particularly about statements released to press as from Guru, but that came at a time when the legendary emcee was said to be unconscious. "That was kind of hard not to do considering the circumstances," continued Sway. "The questions weren’t really even prepared it was just ‘Man, let me ask you this. So you mean to tell me that he wrote this or you wrote this?‘ [Laughs] And I had to not make this dude feel like I’m not just about to jump down [his] motherfuckin' neck!"