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Comments: Can we stop the congestion clowns?

Shrill whistle blasts add to the cacophony of engines revving and horns blasting. The traffic conductors wave their arms and sound their whistles in seemingly frantic spasms as they seek to keep traffic flowing - and make a living.
Sadly, all too often the traffic doesn't flow and all of this exerted energy is in vain. But these would-be traffic controllers are impromptu performers. (By Simon Marcus Gower)
Your comments:
I totally agree with this. The "clowns" should be run off the road - literally! But they are not just clowns. Some of them are criminals too. My driver refused to give way to one and the next thing we knew my car had a scratch down the side.
I was furious but my driver said it would be foolish to get into a fight, so he drove on and I had to pay to repair the damage.
These people are useless and are nothing more than beggars. The police should be active in taking them away and dealing properly with this city's terrible traffic. These "clowns", or criminals in my book, are not helping, not at all!
Brett Chandler
Finding Samoan roots in Indonesia -- May 15, p. 28
Where did the big, brown-skinned people of the Pacific Islands originate? For Samoan public servant Tevita Simeki, there's no doubt his ancestors came from the Indonesian archipelago. Thousands of years ago, people from China slowly migrated south and then east. The evidence is based on DNA research, pottery fragments, farming methods and a few words.
Lua (dua) for two, lima for five and sefulu (sepuluh) for 10 are widely quoted as examples of a distant shared past. It's a theory supported by many anthropologists, linguists and historians, though those who know Javanese are small, wiry-limbed people who find the idea hard to grasp. (By Duncan Graham, Contributor, Samoa)
Your comments:
This might be news to most Pacific Islanders or Asians, but we Polynesians are among the group called Austronesian people. The culture, language, music, and dance are of the same origin.
This comprises of Indonesians, Micronesians, Philipinos, Cambodians, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Malaysians, Polynesians, and as far as the people of Madagascar. Do research on the Internet and type Austronesian people and be surprised.
Leatapo Salanoa F.
Long Beach, California
Now that explains why some Samoans look Asian. This is an interesting article but it would be nice if we have the evidence to prove it. I can't wait to find out if I am Samoan/Indonesian.
Seattle, Washington
So what are you planning to do? I think part of the problem with our culture-enhancing programs, if we have any, is that the government is focusing more on its political problems, than on our culture.
Yes, I agree with you in some aspects, that not enough emphasis is put into developing culture. Even though our culture has picked up some bad habits, I suppose it's better then nothing at all.
Maybe we should have an Aoga Samoa to teach the correct ways. We have museums and an Aoga Samoa for the summer, but I suppose it's not enough.
So, with what you have learned from the Indonesians, are you going to push hard for our people, or are you just all talk and no action, like all the other cats that seems to pretend to care?
Washington, Seattle
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