16 Maret 2010

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Text your say: Threats of terrorism

People, young and old alike are prone to rebel when disappointed. Their empty stomachs are targets of fanatics who want to conquer the world through religion. Fortunately, our police are already on their trail.
Hendropriono was right that inflammatory sermons are dangerous for our uneducated people who are prone to extremism and terrorism. The government concerned should educate the people (through TV) to be aware of such inflammatory agitation during sermons.
They use democracy to agitate the people; we tell them that they are wrong.
Moeljono Adikoesoemo

Terrorism is dangerous and kills innocent people. Worst is that
they use the name of Allah to justify their evil.
E. Nurdin

A cleric said on television that
he justified terror attacks and the use of bombs saying that the US also used bombs.
Such cleric must be taken to court because he spread hatred. It’s important to avoid hatred in the name of religion.

The Indonesian National Police are now strong enough to fight terrorism. But they can become stronger if civil society actively takes part in the war against terrorism.
Elvis B. Toni

The nation must congratulate the National Police. At the same time over condolences to the family of police officers, who have lost their beloved in the recent raids in countering terrorism in the country.
But we must consider that excessive media reports on the raids against terrorists are a double-edged sword.
On one side, the country and
the world can see that Indonesia
will not tolerate terrorists in the country and shows the security
services are serious in protecting its citizens.
But on the other side, we must consider that such excessive reporting may push newly recruited terrorists to consider themselves as heroes and martyrs.
Depok, West Java
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