25 Oktober 2010

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Giants vs Cowboys: Monday Night Football Preview in Video

It may be that the longer the wait to renew old acquaintances, the more intense the reunion. That could be the case tonight as the Giants finally get to dip into one of their heated NFC East rivalries with a Monday Night Football meeting with the Cowboys.
“It’s obviously a big game for us and a very important one,” Eli Manning said. “Our first game in the division, playing at Dallas, we know what kind of atmosphere to expect there. It’s going to be wild. They’ll be fired up and the crowd will be into it and we know how talented they are.”
Talent alone hasn’t gotten it done for the Cowboys, who despite the preseason hype about owning the division and the entire NFC are easily the NFL’s greatest underachievers. At 1-4, they are in a win-or-else mode and the Giants (4-2), riding a three-game winning streak, can come close to putting a team away before the midpoint of the season.

“Even if I wasn’t on the New York Giants and I was on some other team I’d be tuning in Monday night to watch this game and probably want to be a part of it,” linebacker Keith Bulluck said. “At the end of the day in December, this game is going to definitely have some effect on playoff positioning. [Even though] it’s a game in late October, people that know what it’s all about know how big this game is.”