25 Oktober 2010

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Giants vs. Cowboys: Giants Hold Off Dallas Late Surge, Beat Cowboys 41-35

The New York Giants took their foot off the pedal, and as sloppy as it looked in the second half after they went up 38-20, they still managed to close out the Dallas Cowboys.Wade Phillips made a questionable move going for it on fourth and goal when the Cowboys were down by 18. Percentages tell you to take the points and make it a two score game. Either way you have to score three times to win in that case, so to go for it makes no sense whatsoever.

Jon Kitna, who replaced Tony Romo after going down with a broken collar bone in the second quarter, showed no chemistry with his receivers and struggled to make accurate passes all night.
The bad thing about this game is that the Giants turned the ball over five times, and the Cowboys almost exclusively scored their points off their turnovers. The Cowboys' only touchdowns came off turnovers, except for the last one that came in garbage time.
The Cowboys made things interesting when they held the Giants to a field goal and came within six points on the ensuing drive. Down 41-35, the Giants were able to recover the onside kick with 40 seconds left, one that made every Giants fan jump out of their seats.
The ball hit one of the Giants players and squirted back about 7 yards, luckily the Cowboys didn't have anyone back far enough and Clint Sintim was able to run a recover the ball.
The Giants allowed 35 points despite giving up only 254 yards to the Cowboys offense. The defense has to be wondering how many times they are going to have to defend the short field, as all five of the turnovers gave the Cowboys the ball on the Giants side of the field.
If the Giants think they can pull off wins with a minus-four turnover differential each week they have another thing coming.