14 Mei 2010

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Letters: Pakistan Embassy responds

The Jakarta Post of May 9 published a Singapore-based report entitled "Next move is Pakistan's". The report talks about the latest meeting between the prime ministers of Pakistan and India in the Bhutan capital Thimphu on the eve of the SAARC Summit.

The report presumes that the Indian home minister was right in calling the verdict of the Mumbai court a "lesson to Pakistan to stop exporting terror to us". Hence "the ball now is in Pakistan's court". I am really surprised by the audacious demand of The Straits Times to secure a speedy conviction of the alleged co-conspirators as "a proof to India and the world of its sincerity about wanting to control terror".
First, I would like to point out that the judicial system in Pakistan does not work under political leadership. It is independent and free from state control. Second, the Indian government has been, time and again, asked to provide additional information, by sharing the investigation statements of the culprit (Ajmal Kasab), so that the legal process against the alleged co-terrorists can proceed to trial. Last, Pakistan has done enough and this fact should be acknowledged by the international community.
We are prepared to do more, provided we are assisted, in tracking down illusive terrorists and their cohorts. We need technology, intelligence sharing and co-operation to combat terrorists. Mere accusation does not serve the purpose.
It is a regional problem. Many countries around Pakistan have their indigenous, homegrown terrorists. Only a combined strategy and concerted efforts against the perpetrators of this heinous crime will succeed. As regards Pakistan, I would like to ask a counter question: Which other country had suffered more than Pakistan because of terrorism? We have suffered more than 37,000 casualties including civilians and military personnel. Material losses run in excess of US$35 billion.
Despite these huge losses and the assassination of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, twice prime minister of Pakistan, our leaders stand committed that the territory of Pakistan will not be allowed to be used as a shelter for terrorists.
Pakistan's Armed Forces are committed to combat adherents and sympathizers of terrorists. A little more understanding of this complex regional issue will give a correct assessment of the sacrifices made by the people of Pakistan, its Armed Forces and its government. Pakistan looks forward to the resumption of composite dialogue with India to resolve all outstanding bilateral disputes, thus enhancing regional peace and stability and giving a boost to the war on transnational crimes including terrorism.
Ambassador of Pakistan
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