18 Oktober 2010

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Move to the Groove

Move To The Groove: Joel Frankel asked children in the audience  Saturday if they were mushrooms or pickles. “No, we, the people shouted a group of youngsters in the Children’s Museum DuPage. Then clapped their hands, slapped their knees and destroyed, like Frankel – singer and songwriter, sang his first song.
Performance began the seventh season of the Museum of the small chain a wonderful performance.
On both children and adults entertained by music Frankel. Acting in his audience with humor, and encouraged them to interact and challenge their abilities. At one point, and said he wanted to go to children, but I do not think they can.

“Yes we can!” He said, jumping to the music even told them, “melt down towards the ground.”
The museum in Abu Dhabi, and members of Rugie Bah, DeKalb, and in particular see Frankel, because they want their three children to the experience shows.
The couple said they were pleased that the museum offers free programs to its members, especially because they are a family of five.
Said Marcia McRae, a specialist multidisciplinary arts museum, and has always been committed to the arts center and wants children in the community for the opportunity to see performances.
“Art is more than just visual,” she said. “By allowing your child to be in the audience, and learn to develop habits such as respect for performance and participation, where singing and dancing along the performance.”
Participation was Angela Shields and her 3 year old son, Logan, sing and dance together during the ceremony on Saturday in its entirety.
“Logan loves music and I want to expose it to live performance, as far as possible,” said Shields.